Break into the Gorilla’s Bank Vault for your change to win THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars on 95.3 Gorilla!

On weekdays, listen at the top of the hour for each day’s PIN number. At 7:30am and 5:30pm, be caller #10 to 228-604-HITS to break into the vault!

When you get into the vault, the timer will start… and the cash will too! We’ll always start you off at $50, and the money only goes up from there. You can win anywhere from $100, $500, up to an unbelievable $5,000!

But don’t get greedy… there’s a sleeping Gorilla right outside of the bank vault, and the alarm could go off at any point! When you think you have enough money, yell STOP before the alarm goes off, and you WIN! If you stay too long, the Gorilla will catch you, and he’s keeping his money!

Listen for the PIN number at the top of every hour on weekdays, and then break into the vault at 7:30am and 5:30pm for your chance to win THOUSANDS of dollars!