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Airborne Harry Styles Has Been Memed

We love Harry Styles, and sometime between yesterday and today so have several other creatives around the globe.

While filming his first single of his solo career, “Sign…

10 Ways Teenagers Have Already Ruined 2017

When they made breaking their thumbs a trend.

When this kid got Ryan Reynolds’ name tattooed on his but in Comic Sans.

When they staged a proposal for free…

Man Refuses to Take Off Breast Cancer T-Shirt… Cops Called

I think bringing awareness to this disease is a really good thing so I’m proud of the shirt but you may feel differently.

Police were called to a restaurant in Birmingham,…

Selena Gomez Teases Her Cover of an 80s Classic

Today, marks the day our nostalgic teenage hearts can finally relax because our favorite YA book ’13 Reasons Why’ is premiering on Netflix!

Although, she’s one of the…

5-Year Old Suspended for Playing with a Stick That Looked Like a Gun

It’s a sad day when a kid can’t play with a stick that looks like a gun. Officials at a North Carolina school suspended a kindergarten student for playing with…

Samsung Store Catches Fire and We’re Not That Surprised

A Samsung store in a Singapore mall caught fire early this morning. Shocked? Not really.

The blaze started in their storage room, and was quickly put out by…

Giant Joint Washes Up on Beach

Beach-goers in Volusia County, FL, found a taped up package of marijuana that weighed around 5 pounds.

Authorities said there was a bit of blood on the package, which they believe was used…

Celebrities Audition to be Stephen Hawking’s New Voice

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day is a fundraising campaign that’s hosted by celebrities, and enjoyed by the world, in hopes to exchange laughs to raise money for multiple charities.

Stephen Hawking…

New Apple Emojis Feature Mermaids, Zombies, and Chinese Takeout

We’ve got the skinny on what’s new in the world of emojis, thanks to Emojipedia, and Mashable.

The new emojis set to roll-out include: Magical creatures, gender ambiguity, healthy activities,…

Doctor Uploads Hilarious Video Preaching Safe Sex for Seniors

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any more bizarre – this happens.