I am a sort-of gypsy, laying roots wherever I go. I live mostly out of a suitcase. The same goes for my life, as well. A curious one, I’ve found myself living the life of an actress, stunt woman, model, and explorer of all things beautiful.

I completed my degree from Mississippi State University, receiving a B.A. in Communication / Public Relations, and am very excited about this new chapter of my life, as the Digital Media Coordinator for 95.3 Gorilla!

In my free time, I enjoy going on weekend road trips with my long-distance sweetheart, and indulging my foodie tendencies. You can almost always find me humming Regina Spektor, and wishing I had a plate of chicken tacos. My aspirations include: becoming an established blogger and media specialist, helping and inspiring others, and spending more time outdoors in my hammock.

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Snapchat and Twitter: @lalasdestine