95.3 Gorilla Big Banana-za Cash Give Away


How to Play

To Enter: Text the keyword “PAYME” and then your first and last name to 88474

Example: PAYME John Doe

After you text, you will be sent back a confirmation text that will confirm your entry into the contest. Also you’ll be asked if you’d like to join the Gorilla texting club. Joining the club does not increase chances to win, It simply allows us to keep you informed on upcoming contests via text.

After you receive your confirmation text, make sure to listen at 7:30am and 5:30pm for your name to be announced on 95-3 Gorilla. Times are approximate; we will announce names during a natural break in programming

If you hear your name, you have 10 minutes to call us back at 228-604-4487 to claim your $100 or $500 !!


You must be the person that calls us to claim your prize if we call your name. No stand ins are allowed.

95.3 Gorilla Banana-za Cash Give Away Rules

Beginning Monday, April 5th the 95.3 Gorilla Big Banana-za Cash Give Away will be played twice per day at 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM weekdays, with the offered prizes being $100 OR $500 each time. All other rules of the game remain unchanged.  Contest termination dated to be determined by WZNF in its sole discretion.

No Purchase Necessary

Winners must live in the WZNF Terrestrial radio listening area as defined by Nielsen

Beginning April 5th , WZNF (95.3 Gorilla) will offer one hundred dollars OR five hundred dollars to winners of the 95.3 Gorilla Big Banana-za Cash Give Away.

To enter, participants must text the keyword “PAYME” and their first and last name to 88474. One entry suffices for the entire contest. More entries do not increase odds of winning. Members of the 95-3 Gorilla texting club, will need to re-enter to be a part of this contest. Being in the texting club (either prior or during the contest) does not increase odds of winning. The keyword “PAYME” and the entrant’s first and last name must be included on the text to 88474 for the entry to be considered an official entry.

WZNF will announce randomly selected entrants’ names every weekday (except holidays) at 7:30am and 5:30 pm.

To win, an entrant must call in to the radio station at 228-604-4487 within ten (10) minutes of the announcement of his/her name. The stopwatch will be run by the WZNF staff member executing the contest at that time; all timeliness decisions will be in the sole discretion of WZNF.

You will be required to match the last four digits of your cell with the phone that was used to enter the winning name.

Entrants whose names are announced and who do not call back within 10:00 minutes do not win. If entrant fails to call back within the allotted 10 Minutes, WZNF can, chose another entrant to announce on air if they so chose.

Winner must be 18 years of age or older. If winner is under 18, the prize will be awarded to the parent/guardian

WZNF reserves the right to disqualify anyone at any time

The entrant, whose name is announced on air, must be the person that calls in to win the prize. We WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYONE ELSE as the STAND IN WINNER.

Employees of Coast Radio Group and their families are not eligible to win.

Message and data rates may apply for this contest.

WZNF and/or Coast Radio Group are not responsible for any charges incurred during participation of this contest. WZNF charges nothing to enter or to text our short code of 88474.

Contest times are approximate. Participants are encouraged to start listening prior to the listed contest times to ensure they don’t miss what name is announced. Names will be announced as close as possible to the listed contest times, during a natural break in programming.

WZNF and Coast Radio Group are not responsible for any and all issues that may occur with the phone lines.  If an issue with the phone lines occur, the contest will be voided at that time, and will resume at the next scheduled contest time. WZNF may or may not call the same name during the next contest time, as we randomly pick names each time.  If an entrant is called, and an issue with the phones occurs, the contest is voided. The entrant is not disqualified, but due to the random drawing… may or may not have their name called again for the duration of the contest.