Troll Cakes Send Nasty Comments Back to Internet Trolls

Finally, sweet revenge!

Yeah, it may be a little counter-productive, but hey think of it as a “salt bae” move, but with sprinkles.

Baker, Kat Thek, of Troll Cakes┬áis sending nasty comments back to the Internet trolls in the form of tasty cakes. The self-proclaimed “Bakery and Detective Agency” will even track down these web meanies to give them a taste of their own medicine (for a small fee, of course).

Business is finally picking up, and Thek has even sent some sarcastic cakes to the White House! Can you guess which one above was sent to Trump?

Nevertheless, trolling meanies will never become unpopular. So here’s to you Troll Cakes: The bakery with a real purpose.