20,000 Pounds of Cheese Go Up In Flames, While Onlookers Debate Salvaging Their Dinner

A tractor-trailer hauling 10 tons of cheese through Wisconsin went up in flames Tuesday.

The semi’s brakes caught on fire while driving, but he was able to safely pull over and detatch his cab from the trailer.

The truck was packed with 20,000 pounds of Kraft and Velveeta cheese. Some still in it’s packaging, people were wondering if they could bring the salvaged cheese back home for dinner.

“I’m a little upset I didn’t get here earlier,” said Amber Matthews, a witness. “I think I might want to rummage through it. We’ll be eating good tonight if I can get some cheese.”

According to the fire chief, no cheese was salvagable, and clean up crews got rid of all cheeses involved in the incident.

“This really breaks my heart to see the cheese all melted up,” said witness Jim Wendt.

… It breaks our hearts too!¬†