Valentine’s Day Gets a ‘Stranger Things’ Makeover

It’s hard enough to find reasons to love Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re riding it out solo.

The day is agonizing if you’re single, and expensive for those who aren’t. It’s hands down, the most-commercialized form of store-bought stress (besides Black Friday).

Christine McConnell, also known as the Queen of Creepy Cookies, is here to throw you a lifeline – into the upside down world of Stranger Things. If cookie-cutter isn’t your type, you’re in for a treat.

Because let’s be honest, love is strange… and downright terrifying!

1. Heart-Shaped French Macaroon Sweethearts

A natural step-up from the original Sweethearts candy!

2. Strange Love Triangle Cake Pop Rings

Nothing had us on the edge of our seats than the #teamsteve and #teamjonathan bandwagon.

3. Milk Carton Bubble Gum

Because what defines the early 80s than bubble gum and Missing People milk cartons? Take the edge off with some strawberry bubble gum.

4. Dodeca Demon Cookies

Dungeons and Dragons just got their own strange, tasty cookie – featuring a scary demogorgon mouth!

5. Eleven’s Waffle Heart Cookies

What’s a dessert lineup without the star of the show, Eleven’s heart-shaped Eggo waffle cookies!

6. Strawberry Cherry Upside-Down Cake

This is our kind of upside-down, gooey and tart in all the right ways!

7. Red Velvet Demogorgon Cake

Check out the detail in that hand! And take a closer look, those aren’t flowers! What’s a cake without decorative demogorgon faces?!