Lady Gaga Leaping Into the Stadium is Our Favorite Meme

Sure, you’re thinking, of all the crazy things Lady Gaga has done, why are people obsessing over this moment?

I’ll tell you why- because aside from an unbelievable Patriots comeback, a couple miraculous catches, and both teams making history as the first bowl game in history to go into overtime – LADY GAGA LEAPED OFF THE FREAKIN’ ROOF!

Let’s get something straight, we were all waiting for her to do something off the wall. Her classy renditions of our nations classics did not prepare us for what was about to happen next. After a swift arm cross, the pop diva just… disappeared… and the next scene, of her descending into the stadium like a fly caught in a spider web, left us speechless.

She recovered quickly though. with a 12-minute show that we all fell in love with. Naturally, the Internet went into a frenzy, and creatives across the globe came to Twitter to share their thoughts and to introduce Gaga into the Museum of Meme.


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