Scuba Steve is Finally Cancer-Free

If you’re from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you’ve probably heard the name “Scuba Steve” a time or two.

If you were in school between 2008 and today, you’ve probably worn his clothes or met him in passing at the mall.

My only encounter with Scuba Steve was years ago, when a friend of mine stopped by his kiosk in the mall. I remember him greeting us both with the most genuine hug I’ve ever received from a complete stranger. As she purchased her shirt, he placed it in a small paper bag with a hand-drawn “thank you” on it – as if meeting him alone wasn’t a sufficient enough “thank you.”  This was probably eight years ago, and this encounter has since solidified my impression of him.

Steve Johnson, famously known as Scuba Steve, is your friend before he is formally your friend.

He is a local entrepreneur, who was chasing his dream of selling t-shirts – and selling polos out of the trunk of his car. His dream came to fruition when he began renting out a kiosk at the Edgewater Mall. His popularity and business grew, side by side, and in little to no time, Scuba Steve was a household name.

According to the Sun Herald, Johnson began bleeding through his clothes early-2014, a condition he hid by wearing dark pants. When he visited his doctor, he was not diagnosed with cancer yet. By March 2015, he was in incredible pain and diagnosed with colorectal cancer four months later.

For the past two years, the local community has stayed loyal to their favorite t-shirt designer, encouraging him via social media and hosting fundraisers for his treatments.

When he originally came out to the public about his condition, he admitted that he hated asking for help, that he always likes to be the one to help, but that this time he could really use it.


Although undergoing vigorous cancer treatments, there is not a single photo of Scuba Steve without a smile. Cancer is probably the scariest thing that one could be diagnosed with. He continued to uplift others and he always appeared to be fearless.

After two years of cancer treatment and intense radiation, and he proudly announced that after all of his treatments, he is FINALLY cancer-free, and we couldn’t be any more relieved! You mean SO MUCH to the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

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