What Your Girl Really Wants This Valentine’s Day


  • Manicure AND Pedicure
    Please arrange for professional services –  DO NOT attempt to DIY!
  • A Subscription Box
    Play! by Sephora, $10/month
    Ipsy, $10/month
    Kawaii Box, $19.80/month
    Monagram Monthly, $10/month
    Prix Fixe Box, $20/monthThere are literally hundreds of options! For more options, click here.
  • A Pixel Heart Changing Mug
    This adorable mug adjusts to the temperature of your beverage, and fills up red when hot. D’awwe! You can get it here.
  • Tickets to see Train, O.A.R., and Natasha Bedingfield 
    No girl on Earth could say “no” jammin’ out to some good ole 90s/early 2000s music! And Groupon has the hook-up on discounted concert ticks! Check ’em out here.
  • A Cactus
    They last longer than flowers, because, well, they don’t need constant TLC. Perfect for a girl who wants a garden but knows she would kill ordinary foliage. Feeling romantic? Throw in a couple variations of succulents! And in no time, a miniature garden that will last as long as (we hope) your relationship.


  • Giant Bean Bag
    Love your girl? Show her, by upgrading to memory foam! Take your pick, here.
  • Pajama Warmer
    Sure, it’s something we have taken for granted, but wouldn’t it be nice to cuddle up next to someone wearing warm PJs? You can find them here. You’re welcome.


  • Chicken Nugget Bouquet
    This sounds cheesy, but in all seriousness, what girl is going to turn down chicken nuggets?! FYI, your girl has more than likely seen photos of a chicken nugget bouquet, and wished someone were as thoughtful in choosing her gifts. Not sure which kind are her favorite? You can’t go wrong with a variety of tasty nuggies. Feeling “extra”? Throw in some fries as a filler – waffle works best! Not confident in crafting? NO WORRIES! You can empty out a chocolate box and fill it with assorted nuggies and sauces. DONE. It may be easier for you to arrange a chocolate bouquet anyways. Also, don’t make the mistake of handing your girl a bouquet of COLD nuggets. It will have adverse effects, and may leave you lonely on the one day that it actually matters. Arrange this gift according to the relationship status you hope to keep! You’re welcome.

  • Chocolate Bouquet
    Let’s be honest, there’s no gift that screams comfort and true love like CHOCOLATE. But you’ve got to get it right, so here’s some simple instructions on how to get your bouquet of deliciousness to stay together. Click here!