The World’s Oldest Gorilla, Colo, Has Died

There has been another death at an Ohio zoo, but don’t worry, mother nature took care of this one.

In 1956, Colo was the first gorilla to be born in a zoo. As the oldest living gorilla, she has died in her sleep at the Columbus Zoo early Tuesday morning – a little over a month after her 60th birthday.

She lived to the ripe ole age of 60 – that’s 2 decades longer than most gorillas!

She leaves behind an extended family, including three children, 16 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren.

She will be remembered by the many stories, from countless visitors, demonstrating her character and sense of humor. On top of all of that, Betty White wished her a happy birthday – BETTY WHITE. You’ve got to be a pretty special gal, Colo.

One woman posted: “When my twin girls were just about 6 months old, (they are 21 yrs old now) took them to see the Gorillas. Colo brought a baby gorilla over to me and held it up to me. I held one of my twins up to her and she just stared at her. Then she cradled the baby gorilla and I cradled mine.”

“Oh, sweet Colo, I remember visiting you after you were born,” one another woman wrote. “I was 8. And now as a 68-year old I say ‘good-bye’ to you.”

Rest in peace, Colo.

From your friends here at 95.3 Gorilla.

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