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Teen Begs Internet to Help Win Him Nuggets for a Year

So get this: After Wendy’s set the bar for a nugget-hungry teen, we’re all surprised that… it’s working!

Carter Wilkerson, has been begging the internet for help securing his…

Samsung Store Catches Fire and We’re Not That Surprised

A Samsung store in a Singapore mall caught fire early this morning. Shocked? Not really.

The blaze started in their storage room, and was quickly put out by…

New Apple Emojis Feature Mermaids, Zombies, and Chinese Takeout

We’ve got the skinny on what’s new in the world of emojis, thanks to Emojipedia, and Mashable.

The new emojis set to roll-out include: Magical creatures, gender ambiguity, healthy activities,…

Taylor Swift and Spotify Might Be Getting Back Together

Spotify is facing a tough decision in its future – mending its flawed business model. With the fierce competition from big tech brands, the music streaming app is just now…

Snap Spectacles Available Online Now

If you’re like me, you saw this super cool sunglass-camera combo, and knew it would never be available to you… until today.

If you are still unsure of what Snap Spectacles…

iOS Users Get Major Snapchat Redesign

Can’t fully understand how to operate Snapchat? You aren’t alone.

Snapchat has so many different functions that new users may be intimidated by, and they have finally heard you!

Snapchat has recently…

Nestle Creates Festive Coffee Experience

Nestle created an adorably elaborate contraption in downtown Tokyo, that can not only take your coffee order, but can autonomously play “Joy to the World” and other Christmastime favorites.

The Rube…

Kickstarter Funds Turbo Man Toy

Jingle All The Way is one of the more iconic movies, at least it was if you were a kid growing up in the 90s.

And let’s face it, we all…

Would You Buy Your Next Car From A Vending Machine?

There’s now a car vending machine in Houston.  

Online car store Carvana debuted the huge vehicle vending machine this week.

Customers buy a car online then get a coded coin in…