iOS Users Get Major Snapchat Redesign

Can’t fully understand how to operate Snapchat? You aren’t alone.

Snapchat has so many different functions that new users may be intimidated by, and they have finally heard you!

Snapchat has recently…

Nestle Creates Festive Coffee Experience

Nestle created an adorably elaborate contraption in downtown Tokyo, that can not only take your coffee order, but can autonomously play “Joy to the World” and other Christmastime favorites.

The Rube…

Kickstarter Funds Turbo Man Toy

Jingle All The Way is one of the more iconic movies, at least it was if you were a kid growing up in the 90s.

And let’s face it, we all…

Would You Buy Your Next Car From A Vending Machine?

There’s now a car vending machine in Houston.  

Online car store Carvana debuted the huge vehicle vending machine this week.

Customers buy a car online then get a coded coin in…

Amazon Delivers First Package by Drone

Amazon legally delivered its first Prime order in the United Kingdom last week and is preparing to enter a pilot testing period…

Snapchat Groups Are FINALLY a Thing

Snapchat has finally released a feature we low-key needed the entire time.

Snapchat users can now add up to 16 people to a single group chat. You can create a Group by starting…

Instagram is Changing the Way We Comment

Instagram is following Facebook in the way we interact with one another.

The company is updating its comments section so that users can now like each other’s comments on posts. The…

Google Launches New App for Your Loved Ones

When you’re experiencing a crisis, or something goes awry, one of the first things we think about is getting in touch with our loved ones. During the following moments of an…

8 Reasons Why Google’s Pixel is Better Than the iPhone

Who makes the best phone (that won’t kill you)?

I’ve been using Google’s Pixel XL smartphone for a few weeks, and it’s been highlighting the iPhone’s glaringly lacking key features.

You should note…