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Troll Cakes Send Nasty Comments Back to Internet Trolls

Finally, sweet revenge!

Yeah, it may be a little counter-productive, but hey think of it as a “salt bae” move, but with sprinkles.

Baker, Kat Thek, of Troll Cakes is sending nasty…

20,000 Pounds of Cheese Go Up In Flames, While Onlookers Debate Salvaging Their Dinner

A tractor-trailer hauling 10 tons of cheese through Wisconsin went up in flames Tuesday.

The semi’s brakes caught on fire while driving, but he was able to safely pull over and detatch…

Teen Begs Internet to Help Win Him Nuggets for a Year

So get this: After Wendy’s set the bar for a nugget-hungry teen, we’re all surprised that… it’s working!

Carter Wilkerson, has been begging the internet for help securing his…

Valentine’s Day Gets a ‘Stranger Things’ Makeover

It’s hard enough to find reasons to love Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re riding it out solo.

The day is agonizing if you’re single, and expensive for those who aren’t. It’s…

Girl Scouts Launch New Cookie Flavors

It’s that time of year again! Time to clear off that shelf and put away some extra money, the Girl Scouts are back and ready to take your money.

January 3…

Taco Bell Tests Our New Years Resolution


It isn’t even a full week into the New Years, and Taco Bell is really testing our self-control with the announcement of their new menu item: Volcano Crispy Chicken Chips….