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Doctor Uploads Hilarious Video Preaching Safe Sex for Seniors

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any more bizarre – this happens. 

MSU Student Gone Viral for His Dating Resume

A student from Michigan State University has taken the Internet by storm after getting turned down by an “absolutely gorgeous” girl for not having a dating resume.

Joey Adams, was inspired…

This ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Music Video is the Epitome of OTT

We love Ariana Grande. We love John Legend. And we love their cover of “Beauty & The Beast.”

However, their official music video gives new meaning to the…

Man Quits Job With Toilet Paper Resignation

If I hated my job that much, I would totally do the same!

A Man quit his job by handing in his resignation written on piece of toilet…

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross’s Baby Cursed With Bizarre Name

Sure, celebrity baby names have gotten a little blase over the years.

Saint. North. Shiloh. Apple. Jagger. Rainbow Aurora.

Poppy Honey. Daisy Boo. Petal Blossom Rainbow.

The list goes on and on… and…

Millennials Host “Bob Ross and Chill” Birthday Party

Bob Ross, famous painter, host, and netflix star? He was known for his soft voice, calming landscapes, and for saying, “We don’t make mistakes; we have happy accidents.”

For Chris Nervegna, this…

Lady Gaga Leaping Into the Stadium is Our Favorite Meme

Sure, you’re thinking, of all the crazy things Lady Gaga has done, why are people obsessing over this moment?

I’ll tell you why- because aside from an unbelievable Patriots comeback, a…

What Your Girl Really Wants This Valentine’s Day


Manicure AND Pedicure
Please arrange for professional services –  DO NOT attempt to DIY!
A Subscription Box
Play! by Sephora, $10/month
Ipsy, $10/month
Kawaii Box, $19.80/month

NFL Players Prepare for The Big Game with Mean Tweets

The popular skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live features both current and former players, and reminds us that even professional football players aren’t excluded by public scrutiny.


James Corden + Sting Show Off as Singing Waiters

We can all relate to going head to head with someone in the workplace.

On The Late Late Show, last night, James Corden plays a singing waiter who’s entertaining a room…