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Batman-Themed Pregnancy Announcement is a Cosplay Dream

For this Batman-loving couple, their pregnancy announcement was just enough to break the Internet and warm the hearts of comic nerds and non-nerds alike!

Reddit user, ocularis01, announced…

Salt Bae’s Back At It Again With the Memes

Salt Bae will forever be doing Salt Bae things – like, voting, for instance?

Scorpion Stings Passenger on United Flight, Because Why Not

You read that right – another bizarre fiasco on a United Airlines flight.

After a two week vacation in Mexico, Richard and Linda Bell were making their way…

Stephen Colbert Celebrates Low Ratings with Staff Pizza Party

Late night host, Stephen Colbert, is a “cool” boss. And by cool, we mean, he celebrates the low ratings of his late night rival Jimmy Fallon by…

Teen Recreates “La La Land” Opener to Ask Emma Stone to Prom

His name is Jacob Staudenmaier, and Promposal is his game.

Ironically enough, he looks a lot like a young Ryan Gosling – How perfect!

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Is Offending Real-Life Activists

This is the cringeworthy Pepsi ad that sparked an outrage in human rights protestors and real-life activists.

In this new ad, Pepsi fantasizes a peaceful protest where everyone…

10 Ways Teenagers Have Already Ruined 2017

When they made breaking their thumbs a trend.

When this kid got Ryan Reynolds’ name tattooed on his but in Comic Sans.

When they staged a proposal for free…

Selena Gomez Teases Her Cover of an 80s Classic

Today, marks the day our nostalgic teenage hearts can finally relax because our favorite YA book ’13 Reasons Why’ is premiering on Netflix!

Although, she’s one of the…

Celebrities Audition to be Stephen Hawking’s New Voice

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day is a fundraising campaign that’s hosted by celebrities, and enjoyed by the world, in hopes to exchange laughs to raise money for multiple charities.

Stephen Hawking…

Mohammed Anas Thanks Wife and Girlfriend As We All Cringe

It’s adorable when famous people take the time to thank their family, am I right?

Well, most of the time it is.

Mohammed Anas plays football for South Africa’s Premier Soccer League on…