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Category: BLOG

‘No pictures PLEASE!’

A mother alligator in Florida chased off a man attempting to take a photograph.

The gator is seen sprinting from the edge of the water to snap its jaws around a tripod…

Bear Joins a 10-Mile Race

Imagine running your butt off during a 10 mile race and you see this furry buddy! This picture was taken by Donald Sandborn during a race in Colorado.

UNICEF Launches App That Uses Activity to Save Lives

Two years after UNICEF launched its Kid Power fitness bands, that help kids convert their daily walking activity into life-saving nutrition for children in the developing world, UNICEF has launched…

Chris Cornell, Soundgarden, Dead at 52

Chris Cornell, the famed, grunge-rock frontman for Soundgarden and Audioslave has passed away at 52.

Sources say that Cornell’s wife called a family friend to check in on him. The family…

Check Out New Music from Miley Cyrus

Teenage Girl Arrives to Her Prom in a Coffin

All I ever wanted was a limo for my prom! A 17 year-old New Jersey girl, who has plans to become a funeral director, turned up at her high school’s junior…

Big Black From MTV’s Rob and Big, Dead at 45

Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin, who was the other half of Rob Dyrdek‘s hit MTV show “Rob & Big” — has died …

TMZ reported that they have spoken to Boykin’s rep…

Troll Cakes Send Nasty Comments Back to Internet Trolls

Finally, sweet revenge!

Yeah, it may be a little counter-productive, but hey think of it as a “salt bae” move, but with sprinkles.

Baker, Kat Thek, of Troll Cakes is sending nasty…

Gorilla Finishes London Marathon After 6 Days

Okay, that might have been a little bit misleading – but nevertheless, it’s the truth.

A London police officer, dressed as a gorilla, has finally finished the London Marathon after six…

Batman-Themed Pregnancy Announcement is a Cosplay Dream

For this Batman-loving couple, their pregnancy announcement was just enough to break the Internet and warm the hearts of comic nerds and non-nerds alike!

Reddit user, ocularis01, announced…