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Patriotic Chicken Pecks “America the Beautiful” on the Piano

Need we say more?

Woman Found Sick Surprise in Banana Bag

It is nearly impossible to prevent mother nature’s creatures from your fresh produce, but a woman in the UK wasn’t prepared for what she found in her bag of bananas.


Twin Girls Born with Different Skin Colors

These kids are soooo CUTE! Check out this story by Anneta Konstantinides.

When Whitney Meyer tells strangers that her infant daughters are twins, they never believe…

Teen Freaks Out Internet by Eating Ramen From Toilet Bowl

#GROSS, am I right?!

18-year-old Taylor O’Dore and 19-year-old Hannah Hepler are best friends from Lynnwood,  Washington – and the pair were celebrating the 21st birthday of a friend. Predictably, everyone…

University Offers Course on the ‘Politics of Kanye West’

You read that right.

Kanye West hasn’t even celebrated his 40th birthday, and we can all agree, he has accomplished an insane amount of success as a producer, rapper, clothing designer,…

Muslims Welcome Lindsay Lohan to Islam

Lindsay Lohan. A name synonymous to ridiculous tabloid stories.

More recently she made headlines after creating her own accent – and naming it. The American actress states that the bizarre new…

Angry Customer Rams Truck Through Storefront

This lady was not playing! She wanted her phone fixed and when it didn’t happen, all hell broke loose!

Police were called to a T-mobile store in Palm Springs, Florida after…

David Blaine Stunt Gone Horribly Wrong

We all know David Blaine for the being the monotone magician that probably gives off a creepier vibe than most.

Blaine thought he died while attempting a stunt to catch a .22…

Celebrity Deathmath: Chris Brown vs Souja Boy

You read that right.

Just in case you missed it, there’s a online feud going on between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. And just in case that doesn’t sound shocking enough,…

Homebody Allegedly Allergic to Wifi

A woman in England says she is permanently housebound because she’s allergic to Wifi and phone signals.

The woman says electromagnetic waves from modern…