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Category: BIZARRE

Doctor Uploads Hilarious Video Preaching Safe Sex for Seniors

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any more bizarre – this happens. 

‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl May be the First Real-Life ‘Black Mirror’ Episode

If you haven’t seen the Netflix Original series, Black Mirror, don’t fret. This may be your opportunity to catch the first episode in real life.

Danielle Bregoli, better known as the Cash Me…

Adorable Schoolkids Send Their Class Pets Off With a Fiery Viking Farewell

These schoolkids from Kirkwall, Orkney, couldn’t imagine flushing their beloved classroom goldfish down the toilet. So when Freddy and Bubbles passed away, they sent them off the…

This Guy is Eating Jason Segel’s Headshots Every Day, Until The Favor is Returned

If you’re sitting here, confused, wondering if you read that right. You did.

YouTube user, Dog Shit, yeah that’s really his name, posted this disturbing challenge yesterday. He vows to eat…

Patriotic Chicken Pecks “America the Beautiful” on the Piano

Need we say more?

Woman Found Sick Surprise in Banana Bag

It is nearly impossible to prevent mother nature’s creatures from your fresh produce, but a woman in the UK wasn’t prepared for what she found in her bag of bananas.


Twin Girls Born with Different Skin Colors

These kids are soooo CUTE! Check out this story by Anneta Konstantinides.

When Whitney Meyer tells strangers that her infant daughters are twins, they never believe…

Teen Freaks Out Internet by Eating Ramen From Toilet Bowl

#GROSS, am I right?!

18-year-old Taylor O’Dore and 19-year-old Hannah Hepler are best friends from Lynnwood,  Washington – and the pair were celebrating the 21st birthday of a friend. Predictably, everyone…

University Offers Course on the ‘Politics of Kanye West’

You read that right.

Kanye West hasn’t even celebrated his 40th birthday, and we can all agree, he has accomplished an insane amount of success as a producer, rapper, clothing designer,…

Muslims Welcome Lindsay Lohan to Islam

Lindsay Lohan. A name synonymous to ridiculous tabloid stories.

More recently she made headlines after creating her own accent – and naming it. The American actress states that the bizarre new…