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What Your Girl Really Wants This Valentine’s Day


Manicure AND Pedicure
Please arrange for professional services –  DO NOT attempt to DIY!
A Subscription Box
Play! by Sephora, $10/month
Ipsy, $10/month
Kawaii Box, $19.80/month

15 Things Women Who Are Always On Time Do Every Day

I found this list on Redbook’s website. I found it very interesting because I do a lot of these things in my everyday life.

How about you??

1. Go to every…

These Lemons Teach Women About Breast Cancer

Sure, we know about breast cancer.

Sure, we know that it happens.

But a lot of us sure DON’T know the signs of recognizing breast cancer.

Designer Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont has launched a…

6 Tips for Hacking NYE

We’re with ya – we cannot wait to relish in the new light of 2017!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you through the exciting transition:

1. Invest in a…

Top 10 Cities for Job-Seeking Millennials in 2017

If your new years resolution involves landing a high-paying job in an affordable city, look no further!

NerdWallet compiled a list of the…

Listerine To Treat Gonorrhea

According to a new study… Listerine can help treat gonorrhea.

Researchers say people can carry the STD in their throats for months on end without suffering any symptoms. And it can…

Time Is Running Out: Order By These Dates For Delivery By Christmas

There’s still time to order Christmas gifts online but time is quickly running out.  

Amazon offers same day delivery so you can order up to December 24th…

Remember: You Are Not Alone

Holidays can be really tough on people. Maybe you’ve lost someone close to you or your job has let you go. Hey we get it and we’ve all been there….

You Deserve This Break



Swirling paint won’t change this election, but it can absolutely give us two minutes of stress-free euphoria!

Here’s to a happier day, Gorilla Squad!

7 Signs You’re Meant to Be Single

A recent study came up with the 7 signs you’re meant to be single.

1. You have high avoidance goals
The study found that single people who had…